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Thai Idea Vegetarian (Polk St)
Thai Idea Vegetarian (Polk St)
710 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
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Thai Idea Vegetarian (Polk St)

710 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

In the last several years, Thai food has become one of America's favorite ethnic cuisines, and there's a good reason for that. Thai cooking emphasizes fresh ingredients combined with an amazing selection of spices. A Thai dish will often include three or four basic taste experiences, taking care to balance the salty, the sour, the sweet and the bitter. This attention to the way flavors work together takes experience and a careful touch.

Here at both locations of Thai Idea Vegetarian, we enjoy the challenge of making these irresistible aspects of Thai cuisine work in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Vegetarians will love being able to choose from the entire menu without worrying about fish sauce or hidden meats, and carnivores will have their horizons broadened. Our meat-eating customers say they don't even miss it here at Thai Idea!

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Our huge appetizer menu includes favorites such as Satay "Chicken" with peanut sauce and Fresh Salad Rolls. But some of our most popular dishes are our own creations: our Firecracker Balls will delight with their delicious combination of deep-fried veggie Ahi tuna and spicy sauce, and our Wing Bomb veggie chicken wings will make you swoon. We offer all the curries you love red, Panang, Massaman, and more -- made just as spicy as you request. Our pan-fried noodle dishes are also favorites. Our Pad Thai is fresh and light and redolent of tamarind, lime and peanuts.

Though we love all the traditional Thai recipes, we also love exploring with different ingredients. Our Pumpkin Curry is something you won't find on the menu of every Thai restaurant, but after you taste it rich, creamy and spicy you'll wonder why! How about Panang Avocado Shrimp? It's as good as it sounds, and completely vegetarian.

Food is first and foremost at Thai Idea, but presentation is a close second. We take care to delight your eyes as well as your appetite. Every dish is truly a colorful work of art. At both of our beautifully decorated, urbane locations, you'll know why Thai Idea Vegetarian is considered some of the best Thai food, vegetarian or otherwise, in the Bay Area.

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